Accountability: The Foundation of Developing, Reframing or Repairing the Team Culture

Katlyn Haycock · February 3, 2021

In this presentation, Coach Haycock will discuss the critical value of accountability within the collegiate team setting as the foundation of culture.  The team setting is unique at the collegiate level in that the athletes have progressed past their sport being a casual interest, but the sport is not yet their individual livelihoods.  However, there can still be varying levels of commitment, which is where a strong culture can unite individual athletes into a cohesive team. Coach Haycock will delve into defining the members who constitute “the team,” what accountability looks like for these contributors, why accountability trumps other important team values, and how to weed out the victim mentality.  After identifying the points of focus and potential scenarios teams may find themselves in, Coach Haycock provides immediately implementable methods to effectively develop, reframe or repair team culture.


  1. Define and understand accountability in the team setting for ALL members involved with the team.
  2. Understand why accountability is the most important element in reference to team culture, and how having firmly established accountability allows teams to thrive rather than just survive.
  3. Emphasize and contrast the victim mentality with the accountability mindset, and explain ways to eradicate the negative and foster the positive. 
  4. Learn practical methods to incorporate and engrain accountability in a collegiate team culture from the perspective of the S&C coach.

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