Building a High School Strength & Conditioning Program from the Ground Up

Jordan Soukup · December 17, 2020

In this lecture, Coach Soukup, will go over the lessons he has learned from inheriting and building a strength training program at the high school level from scratch. Coach Soukup will describe the importance of implementing a weight room culture that not only utilizes a unified system that emphasizes the pursuit of intent and quality of movements but is also conducive to athletes wanting to come into the weight room, and not having to. He will also go over the specifics of how he tries to meet the needs of each individual athlete through the implementation of appropriate exercise progressions, warm-ups, training plans, and analysis of testing data.
Learning Objectives:

  1. Assessing your specific situation and then coming up with solutions to questions/challenges that may arise in relation to creating your weight room culture, coach/administration support, scheduling/staffing, and your facility while demonstrating the value of a well-designed strength training program.
  2. Creating a training program that promotes movement quality and movements that will develop athletic qualities related to or helpful for sport thus meeting the needs of each kid while giving them opportunities for success.
  3. Analyze and implement athlete evaluation measurements from good training to ensure safety of the athletes and accuracy of training methods.

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