Combatting Complacency – Our Greatest Threat to Success

Donnie Maib · December 28, 2020

In this lecture, Donnie will delve into the topic of complacency.  He will draw from years of experience of working with championship teams and coaches in collegiate sports.  It takes a lot of effort and hard work to build a winning team that yields championship results consistently.  However, in this talk you will see that oftentimes the very thing we chase after and pursue it this very culprit that can also cause teams to digress and slip.  From looking at examples in business, life and the most successful teams today Donnie will present 5 strategies to help stave off the enemy of complacency.  Whether you are a young coach just getting started or a seasoned vet, you will take away key lessons, principles, and action items to implement with your athletes, teams, and staff today.  
Learning Objectives:

  1. To grasp an overview of complacency, It’s meaning, and how it can creep in ever so slowly even in the most successful organizations
  2. Gain perspective of how it impacted the University of Texas after an era of the most sustained success in the schools history
  3. To look at how not being open to new ways and being innovative in our approaches set us up for stagnation and future failure
  4. To layout 5 key strategies that have been proven over the years to recognize when complacency is setting in as well as how to eradicate it
  5. To delineate the difference between being satisfied with the status quo, and truly pursuing excellence as a habit and core value

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