DWMA: The Purpose & Value-Added Use of Group Movement Screening & Assessment for Sports

Mike Bewley · March 10, 2021

If you are looking to implement a movement screen with all your athletes but time constraints make a traditional screen not feasible, you will want to see this presentation. The Dynamic Warmup Movement Assessment is a concise way to pinpoint movement deficiencies globally and apply corrective exercise for an entire group at once. This presentation will examine how to incorporate a traditional dynamic warmup as a movement assessment so you can use it for a whole group or team at once. Additionally, we will review a few dynamic warmup movements to assess while organizing corrective exercises for identified areas of concern.

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize the human body is a complex machine that needs consistent evaluation to perform at peak performance and lessen the risk for injury.
  2. Identify the mobility-stability sequence in the Human Kinetic Chain and limitations that can lead to inefficient movement patterning that hinders performance and heighten musculoskeletal injury.
  3. Learn the value of a movement screen for athletes and the significant difference between deficiency and dysfunction of movement.
  4. Learn about DWMA, the genesis of its inception, and how it’s different from traditional movement screens promoted by physical therapists.
  5. Review a single DWMA exercise movement screen, recognize movement limitations in the Kinetic Chain, and prepare a corrective exercise sequence to improve movement quality.
  6. Understand how corrective exercise utilization and adaptation are different from conventional exercise adoption.
  7. Explore squat progressions and regressions to guide movement integrity.
  8. Learn ways to arrange and integrate corrective exercises seamlessly into your existing training program.

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