Heart Rate Technology: A Champagne Taste On A Beer Budget Solution

Mike Bewley · June 29, 2021

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When it comes to sports technology, I hear a common question: how to utilize heart rate technology with sport science principles without a considerable budget? When money or resources like time are scarce, creativity drives innovation. This presentation reviews suitable heart rate technology to create an interval-based training plan that will increase the efficiency of energy metabolism to improve your athletic performance without breaking the bank.

Learning Objectives

  1. Review an affordable heart rate monitor solution that lets you deliver quick training interpretations for immediate application.
  2. Find a FREE remote coaching platform and app that enables you to view training data and provide feedback between numerous athlete diaries.
  3. Discover a max heart rate (MHR) testing protocol to analyze an entire team or group at once.
  4. See how to measure max heart rate recovery (MHRR) to gauge a fitness level and assign a fitness classification.
  5. Build personalized interval training workouts based on individual athlete MHR and MHRR summaries.
  6. Understand heart rate responses to exercise so you can set appropriate recovery periods during interval training.

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