How to Build an Athlete Monitor System from Scratch

Adam Virgile · March 2, 2021

In this lecture, Adam Virgile will describe how to create an effective team and individual athlete monitoring system using Google products. First, we will review the importance of data collation for making more informed decisions. After that, we will start building our own athlete management system, beginning with data collection using Google Forms. We will create a survey together and discover how to automatically store the information from our custom survey in Google Sheets alongside data that we already have in there. Ultimately, we will coalesce and display the information that we collect manually, and from athlete survey responses, in a meaningful way that we can interact with to allow for more informed decisions to be made. Finally, we will briefly review how to transfer this data into Microsoft Excel in a way where the Excel file dataset automatically updates when new Google Sheets data is inputted.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how to set up and organize a database of information.
  2. Understand how to set up a system including data collection, organization, analysis, and visualization to enable dynamic and interactive visualizations to be made from the information that is being collected.
  3. Be able to create and send a Google Form to collect data from athletes.
  4. Become aware of useful Google Sheets features, such as filters, conditional formatting, and drop-down menus to improve data navigation and enhance visualizations.
  5. Become familiar with a few critical functions in Google Sheets that will allow you to do 80-100% of all fundamental calculations, including AVERAGEIFS, INDEX, MATCH, UNIQUE, and FILTER functions.
  6. Be able to create a dashboard that is visually appealing and interactive.
  7. Gain the ability to develop an operable athlete monitoring system for your needs.

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