Implementing a Mechanical Model for Plyometric Progressions

Mike Young · February 14, 2021

Intensity for plyometrics is not well understood and current models are lacking and often incorrect. In this talk, Mike provides a compelling paradigm for determining plyometric exercise intensity. While the model is based on principles of physics and biomechanics, it is intended for use by coaches in their day-to-day practice. The concepts upon which the model is based are made approachable and easy to apply by simply answering 4 key questions about an exercise and how it is performed. The model can be used for progressions for annual plans, long term athletic development and return to play scenarios. 

Learning Objectives:

Viewers will learn:

  1. The basic concepts of projectile motion that are relevant for prescribing plyometrics
  2. The 4 simple questions that can be used to assess plyometric exercise intensity
  3. How to create a hierarchy of plyometric exercises based on simplified physics concepts

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