Leading From The Other Side of The Developmental Pyramid

Yolanda Berryhill · March 1, 2021

I will describe how I have organized, built and applied an approach that is designed to holistically support athlete development. This process was constructed through by building my personal leadership principles and how those principles have allowed me to build an adaptive leadership developmental approach for my athletes.  As we all know, there isn’t a one-way street for all athletes as each person is unique to their own abilities.  Therefore, as a collegiate performance coach, I aim to challenge every mind who tunes in to this presentation. As simple as these questions can be, they have a tendency to be complex: Who am I? What am I doing? How am I doing it? What results am I receiving? How can I continuously improve and foster sustainable growth for my athletes & the people around me? I will discuss all of these points based on a structure that I developed to guide me through my life: Intention + Consistency = Habits.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Further understand and/or discover your current qualities and abilities as a human and as a coach
  2. Further understand how and/or develop those qualities and abilities to build and support your guiding principles
  3. Dispense and utilize those principles in daily practices, as part of holistically developing your athletes

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