MENTAL TRAINING: On the Field and In the Weight Room

Leo Totten · January 22, 2021

 The complete athlete has to be able to put it all together, both physically and mentally.  As the saying goes, “the body and the mind work hand in hand”.  If one is weak, the other will suffer.  The coach is responsible for making the athlete the best that they can be.  Too often, the physical training is emphasized while mental training either takes a back seat or isn’t along for the ride at all!  In this lecture, Coach Totten explains the benefits of mental training for low level athletes as well as advanced, elite athletes and how to put the principles to work in a logical, easy to follow outline.  Practical application of mental training principles presented here can help produce success on the field of play as well as in the weight room. 
Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the value of mental training at all levels.
  2. Understanding the basic tenets of mental training.
  3. Analyze the needs of the athletes and the environment in which they participate in order to apply the mental training principles as effectively as possible.
  4. Be able to compare the differences in athletes’ maturity levels, ability levels and interest levels.
  5. Differentiate between younger/lower level athletes and advanced/higher level athletes.
  6. Be able to make a plan:   to incorporate mental training into the overall training plan.

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