Physical Conditioning in the Specialist Workplace

Shane Irving · February 21, 2021

In this presentation, Optimal Performance Solutions, (OPS) Director, Shane Irving, will introduce the concept of the Specialist Workplace and outline key issues strength and conditioning coaches must consider when working with individuals from a non-sporting specialist population.
The lecture will establish the physical training context by first defining what makes up a Specialist Workplace and discuss how the term offers greater occupational inclusivity and clarity than the term “tactical”.  Once defined, the lecture will then discuss the criticality of identifying and understanding the occupational role scope of specialist personnel and the process of profiling specialist personnel so that relevant and effective physical strength and conditioning strategies can be implemented.
This presentation will outline the factors that differentiate the Specialist Workplace from the sporting population and then discuss the impact this differentiation has on the application of physical strength and conditioning protocols into the Specialist Workplace. The presentation will demonstrate how effective, efficient and intuitive coaching can positively influence physical performance in a workforce required to master a broad cross-section of skill sets and often exposed to high stress critical incidents.
Coach Irving will identify the physical modalities and energy systems often employed by specialist personnel when completing operational tasks and begin to discuss how the strength and conditioning professional can integrate into specialist organisations and build robust humans that can perform optimally, in an ever changing and often hostile environment.
ACKNOWLEDGMENT of presentation contribution. Co-contributor to contents within this presentation is Coach Jeremy Robinson of MXA Performance. Coach Robinson is World leading subject matter expert in physical conditioning for Tactical Populations and is head educator/Coach for OPS.
Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the term Specialist Workplace and be able to explain the differences between the occupational role scopes that exist within those workplaces.
  2. Describe the differences between a sporting environment and a Specialist Workplace, as it relates to physical strength and conditioning.
  3. Understand the process of physical profiling, the importance of morphology and the relationship it has to occupational task performance.
  4. Analyze testing data and the method of application when programming in the Specialist Workplace.
  5. Integration of systems in the workplace to monitor readiness and an understanding of the application of training principles in the Specialist Workplace.
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of organisational risk factors and the wider strategy when working in a high tempo Specialist Workplace environment.
  7. Understand injury mitigation strategies in the Specialist Workplace.

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