Plyometrics & Its Evolution As A Training Method

Matt McInnes Watson · October 23, 2020

During this lecture, Coach McInnes Watson will delve into the original works of Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky, refreshing your minds of the concepts initially proposed by the founder of Plyometrics. Using the key principles from Verkhoshansky’s work and 10 years of coaching Plyometrics, Coach McInnes Watson will introduce the system he has put in place, to term and classify plyometrics for ease of use and simple ways in which the training method can be adopted into your program. You will get to see a new direction for Plyometrics as it bridges the gaps between all movements at speed, from sprinting and agility to Olympic lifts and all locomotive movements.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Refreshing your minds with the origins of true Plyometrics.
  2. Understanding what to look for with the Plyometric Landing Sequence.
  3. Learning a new Terminology, Classification & Structure of plyometrics to use and program for athletes in multiple ways.
  4. Giving you the confidence to regularly program plyometrics and use it for its multidimensional purposes.

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