Probiotics & Athletic Performance: Links & Strategies for Application

Joni Boyd · March 3, 2021

In this program, Dr. Boyd discusses the role of probiotics and gut health on potential athletic performance parameters.  Research on gut health within the general population and athletic population is reviewed and provided.  Potential mechanisms on the outcomes of probiotic consumption and supplementation is discussed.  Practical strategies for improved gut health and increased probiotic consumption/supplementation is provided for athletes, coaches, trainers, and educators.  This program includes a handout for athletes and those supporting the nutrition of athletes.

Presentation Learning Objectives:

The learner will be able to:

  1. Define probiotics and explain the impact of probiotics on overall health and reduction of disease risk.
  2. Describe the impact of probiotics and exercise on generally healthy individuals.
  3. Relate the role of probiotics to energy production and muscle mass and strength in athletes.
  4. Identify the relationship between probiotics and protein consumption in athletes.
  5. Apply the recommendations on probiotics to a generally healthy population and athletes.

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