Rest, Recovery, & Readiness

Tobias Jacobi · January 25, 2021

This presentation will take in-depth dive into what rest, recovery, and readiness look like for the High School Strength Coach.  During this presentation you will receive background information on how to implement different methods of rest & recovery into your program.  Multiple methods of assessing readiness will be provided to aid the coach in making the best decision for themselves.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what rest & recovery look like and the differences between them
  2. Learn different methods of rest & recovery to be able to decipher which fits your program best
  3. Develop a solid understanding of readiness and how different methods can be implemented to gauge an athletes level

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Course Includes

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Jared Martin
Posted 2 weeks ago
Attention to the details

Coach Jacobi provided insight into excellent strategies that can provide a competitive advantage to any serious athlete. Great info that can be implemented now!

Micah Kurtz
Posted 3 weeks ago
Be the best for your athletes

Coach Jacobi does an amazing job of providing a lot of complex information and simplifying it to be easily implemented into any coach's program. I look forward to taking some of these tools and using them in my programs!

Kerry Harbor
Posted 3 weeks ago
A competitive edge

This will give all athletes and coaches a huge advantage over all their opponents. If you can improve in these areas you will get better on and off the field.

Scott Land
Posted 3 weeks ago
Rest, Recovery and Readiness

I look forward to implementing these tools into our program immediately! Thank you for the resources!

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