Sleep & Athletic Performance: A Case Study In Collegiate Athletics

Cody Lockling · November 18, 2020

This presentation will outline the negative effects of poor sleep performance on health, wellness, physical, mental, and athletic performance. What the research suggest and what steps can be taken to educate and improve athletes sleep performance.
Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the Sleep habits of college athletes
  2. Negative  effects of poor quality or decreased sleep duration
  3. Barriers to better sleep
  4. What steps can be taken to improve sleep performance in college athletes
  5. Where to start

Course Content

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Influence of sleep on Health, Wellness, Physical & Athletic Performance
Sleep Habits of College Athletes
Barriers to Better Sleep
Variables Influencing Sleep
Balancing Sleep and Performance
University of Utah Inter Departmental Sleep Group
Where to Start
Educational Intervention
Improving Sleep Hygiene
How to Assess?
Surveying Student Athletes Sleep
Improving Sleep Habits
Future Direction
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