Targeting Your Athlete’s Weaknesses: ACL Hop & Stop + Push Up Stability Test

Micah Kurtz · December 28, 2020

In this presentation, Coach Kurtz will describe and demonstrate the pre-assessment protocols that he and his staff use for their athletes. After teaching and demonstrating the assessments, Coach Kurtz will describe how he uses the results to group his athletes into categories to target their individualized weaknesses in what he calls the “workout before the workout.”
Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to identify weaknesses and asymmetries between right and left leg strength.
  2. Comprehend how to identify weaknesses and asymmetries between ability to absorb force between the right and left leg.
  3. Analyze how to identify if an athlete is compensating in the “loading” capabilities due to a lower body movement dysfunction.
  4. Learn how to identify a pre-existing injury or weakness in core strength
  5. Understand how Coach Kurtz groups each athlete according to how they perform on these assessments
  6. Identify how these protocols have helped to create buy-in from Coach Kurtz’ athletes, students, parents of the student-athletes, coaches and administration.

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Kevin O'Neill
Posted 3 weeks ago
Extremely valuable

These assessments can be extremely valuable in attempting to identify possible injury areas and then planning to prevent them from occurring.

Tobias Jacobi
Posted 1 month ago
Awesome tool

These assessments are great ways implement an injury prevention focus into your program while also incorporating a significant amount of differentiation which aids into the educational frame work a High School Strength coach lives in.

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