Coach Heidi Messer examines several lies of identity, as suggested Dr. Henri Nouwen(Harvard). In his articles he suggests 5 areas in which humans fall into believing. Looking at the world within and around us, she will expand your framework of thinking about self identity and your principles and beliefs in such away that allows us to overcome the barriers that hold us back from being our best selves as coaches, professionals and trainers in efforts to allow our daily audience to experience our best, most courageous selves. At the conclusion of this presentation I want you to be able to identify one or more lies affecting you, confront it with truth and find an example of courage to draw inspiration from that might move you to a mental shift and plan of action in your own life. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the “lies of identity” and recognize what they look like for you personally.
  2. Combat each lie with truth; become mindfully aware that each negative thought can be refuted.
  3. Create a personal mission statement that is fueled by truth and allows you to move forward a better person, coach and leader.

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