The Science of Weight Gain

Catherine Saenz · November 12, 2020

In this lecture, Dr. Saenz discusses the science behind weight gain and increases in muscle mass for athletes. She reviews the importance of safe, proper, and sustainable weight gain, factors that affect increases in muscle mass, and ways to add and support anabolic processes. Dr. Saenz spends time on how to utilize nutrition to maximize increases in muscle mass by reviewing the importance of adequate calories, micro & macro nutrient considerations, role of supplementation, and provides example meal planning protocols including meal frequency, timing, and snack ideas. Finally, she addresses common challenges and pitfalls for weight gain and more importantly, how to reduce or avoid them.   
Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand factors that affect an athlete’s ability to gain weight and increase muscle mass.
  2. Identify ways to incorporate nutritional habits to support positive weight gain in your athletes.
  3. Compare and contrast the role of positive vs negative nutritional approaches for safe and sustainable weight gain in athletes.

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