Training Today’s Heroes: Programming for Tactical Athletes

Justin Soukup · December 5, 2020

In this lecture, Coach Soukup will describe how he got involved with the tactical population and key ways to getting started with your local agency. He will then discuss assessments he utilizes to assure his tactical athletes are at the top of their game. While keeping the job demands of the tactical athlete in mind, Coach Soukup will then  demonstrate how to create a flexible program blueprint that can be adjusted based on the needs of the athlete, as well as their current readiness. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the physical demands associated with law enforcement and fire fighters.
  2. Discuss possible fitness assessments used for the tactical population.
  3. Recognize what considerations need to be taken into account when training the tactical athlete.
  4. How to modify your tactical program to fit the needs of the tactical athlete as well as how to adjust your program due to excessive fatigue.
  5. Creating a tactical training program for firefighters that incorporates all of the physical qualities needed for the tactical athlete.

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Dan Ramsey
Posted 4 weeks ago
Clear training objectives

Justin makes clear his best practices for maintaining a fit athlete. He describes clear training methods and his use of regular evaluations makes it easy to figure out what type of training is best for the day at hand.

Becky Odegarden
Posted 1 month ago
Highly Recommended!

Justin gives a very clear, concise, and realistic approach to tactical training. The programming overview gave great examples, photos, and videos for all styles of learning. As a tactical trainer myself and colleague of Justin's, we spend a lot of time researching and trying to find up-to-date information for the tactical population. This presentation is exactly what this field needs!

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