Unified Not Uniform

Gary Schofield · July 24, 2020

In this lecture, Coach Gary Schofield will describe how he utilizes the concept of a unified program at the high school level in which the system is based upon long term athletic development and not sport-specificity. However, using differentiated modifications, Coach Schofield allows the physical needs of each student, the technical exercise development, and the current readiness state to impact the training session and create a unified program that is not uniform in application. Driven by his guiding principles of Prepare & Protect, Move Well, Move Strong, Move Fast and Thrive, he will demonstrate how the system is built for strength training answering the questions what to develop, who to develop, when to develop and how to develop.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the impact of your facility, equipment, staff as well as the athlete’s training background, sport demands and daily stressors in designing a strength training program.
  2. Selecting training periodization schemes that best fit the needs of athlete (shape, size, strength, speed)
  3. Create a technical development model for an exercise with appropriate progressions, benchmarks and KPI’s.
  4. Analyze testing data to determine training goals and methods of application
  5. Integrating technology to adapt training to meet the current status and readiness state of each athlete.

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