Using Velocity Measures to Improve Resistance Training Programming and Coaching

Daniel Baker · February 15, 2021

In this course, Dan Baker will take you through the fundamentals of velocity based training. From having one of the first contemporary daily training environment velocity and power measurement devices to publishing dozens of papers on the topic, Dan will share both the art and science of velocity based training using combination of applied research and experience. Dan will share many real world use cases from his nearly 30 years of creating and using much of what we know as contemporary velocity based training. Coaches will leave with the ability to apply the learnings from this course immediately into their practice.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how to apply velocity based training concepts and methods in the daily training environment.
  2. Understand the science behind velocity based training methods, which metrics are important for specific lifts and training goals, including the limitations and the hardware available for collecting data.
  3. Understand how to use normative data to make better training decisions
  4. Understand the five primary methods of velocity based training.
  5. Understand how to utilize velocity based training for fatigue and recovery management.
  6. Understand how to utilize velocity based training to improve coaching, cueing and behaviour modification.

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