Hi, and welcome to my presentation today on Accountability: The Foundation of Developing, Reframing, or Repairing a Team Culture. My name is Katlyn Haycock, and I am currently a strength and conditioning coach at the University of Michigan. I work on the Olympic side with field hockey, women’s soccer and men’s and women’s track and field. To give an overview of today’s presentation, we’re going to look at four different elements. First, we’re going to define accountability in a team setting for all members involved, looking at everyone from the head coach down to the student athlete and including the support staff. Next, we’ll go through and understand why accountability is the most important element in team culture. Following that, we will look at accountability versus victimization, how to foster a culture of accountability within your team, and then how to eradicate the victim mentality from your athletes or your support staff or other members of the coaching staff. And then finally, we’ll look at practical methods to utilize to achieve full team accountability.

Here, we’re going to look at three different specific methods to use. They can be used in combination, or you can utilize each portion individually depending on where your team is at currently with the culture.

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