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Opening Remarks, Objectives and Outline

Mike Bewley October 23, 2020

Hi, I’m Coach Matt McInnes Watson, and welcome to my presentation on plyometrics. We’re going to be looking today at how, I feel, plyometrics can be evolved as a training method. We’re going to be looking at the practices that I use on a day-to-day basis with coaches and athletes in teaching them how to move and utilize plyometrics as something slightly more multi-dimensional than what you might be used to. So, I hope that you really enjoy it and we will get straight into it. Our learning objectives today, we’re going to be looking at refreshing your minds on the origins of true plyometrics. We want you to understand what to look for, so we’re going to be using something called the plyometric landing sequence. Hopefully, we learn a new terminology, classification, and structure of plyometrics to use and program for athletes in many different ways, then I hope that this would give you the confidence to regularly program plyometrics and use it for its multi-dimensional purposes.

Now the outline of the presentation, I’ll quickly go through. We have the origins to start with, then we’ll move onto the plyometric landing sequence and its relationship with the stretch-shortening cycle, plyometric myths and the new direction that I’d like to go in, terminology and categorizing plyometrics as a training method, then we’ll look at how to classify and structure that, then we’ll look at how we can program it, and then taking these things forward into your practices.

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